Thursday, June 9, 2011

z is for zoo

well, sort of!  the zoos are a bit of a drive for us, so we decided to get season passes to six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo - it's only about 15 minutes away!  there are animal exhibits, animal shows, and rides and parks.  it's the perfect spot for a 3yr old little guy and his mommy, too!  gran and grandpa also got season passes.  so fun.  here are some pics from our adventures today:
walrus training
jack LOVES the whiskers sample!
a train ride with gran
i went to the restroom...
they went on the teacups!
jack in line for 'scatabout'
for the record, i would NEVER ride this ride.  but as soon as he saw it, jack asked gran to join him!  it was one of those carnival scrambler-type rides.  spinning and spinning.  and more spinning.  yuckity-yuck-yuck!

a happy wave while gran checks the safety belts
around they go.
jack's not so happy anymore...
super proud, but so glad to be done...
as we walked by later, i asked if he wanted to ride it again.  his response?  maybe when i'm four years old i can ride it again. {he's putting a lot off until he's four, and i'm sure he'll say five then!}

we took a ride break and saw tigers!
i think this is a leopard, gran.
okay, smarty-pants.
heading towards the giraffe, but not taking his eyes off the tigers.
maybe he wants my grass?
a misty sprinkle to cool this little dude off!
we're going to LOVE this later in the summer!!
intently watching the wild bird show
there are a ton more animals, shows, and rides, but because the park is so close, we really only go for a few hours.  i think we were there 4 hours today, and it was a tad long.  last week (during a rain storm!), we only stayed 2 or so, most of which was standing in line and eating lunch!  i've yet to brave the park with just jack and i, but i'm thinking of giving it a whirl next week... unless, of course, gran or grandpa want to go!!