Wednesday, April 25, 2012

updating hardware

i updated maddy's hardware with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint, found here, and probably at your local hardware store.  i was skeptical when laura repainted all of the knobs in her (and eric)'s new pad, but they turned out so nice, i decided it was time to try it out myself!

although i don't hate the color of the original pulls, it didn't go well (what really does?) with the ombre drawer colors i chose.  (sidenote:  not too sure about them now that all is said and done.  the middle one is a little too purple for my liking and they are bright!  we are getting plantation shutters in a couple weeks, which may help tone down the brightness by diverting the sun.  i'll make a decision then!)

anyway, the paint is so easy to use.  it dries to the touch in 10 minutes, completely in 30, and you can re-coat 'anytime'.  makes for quite a quick update for the hardware you just don't want to (or can't - $$$) change out.

the paint has neat little gold flecks - i love it!

i'm working up to posting maddy's nursery pictures, including alphabet wall, this week!  stay tuned to see how it all came together :).

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