Friday, April 13, 2012

easter brunch!

we had a delicious brunch with my parents, jd, david, and the giacobazzi's.  it was fun celebrating the babies' first easters with an egghunt and yummy food :).

first, the table/decor:
mom used a frame and scrapbook paper 
love the chocolate bunnies
real + fake eggs with kisses for palate cleansing ;)
the kids:
i believe he was asking for candy here....
there was a slight pause in the screaming
not her best look
but, it's an EASTER DRESS!!!  :)
loving his new crinkle toy!
jack + baby dino
boy cousins!
and then we went on a hunt...for eggs!

 we stared at maddy screaming:
it looks like gran thinks this is funny.....
 and took a whole family picture:

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