Tuesday, April 24, 2012

how to improve laminate

i'm not a fan of laminate.  it reminds me of the 80s, processed shleving, ikea, offices, and classrooms.  it's great to wipe off, keep clean, but i don't like having it in my home.  we have laminate destops in the kids' rooms.  jack's is white, and he's pretty rough with it, so i've let it be.  maddy's, however, is DARK blue.  or should i say was dark blue.  now?  it's off white!

how to improve laminate:

step one.  take a before pic:

step two. scuff and scratch shiny surface with rough sanding block:
enjoy chubby hand

step three.  'prime' with shellac:
super professional over-spray protection here.

step three.  paint, two coats needed here, with annie sloan chalk paint.  see post here for more on my LOVE affair.

step four.  admire your new desktop!
need to remember same angle before/afters!

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Leslie said...

wow! what am amazing transformation!