Sunday, April 29, 2012

lazy saturday

pete was out of town again this past weekend, so i enjoyed a very lazy saturday with my two kiddos.  we picked up breakfast at a little shop on the way to my parents' house, took a long walk and played frisbee, stopped for strawberries and strawberry ice cream at the local stands, spent the afternoon in the backyard enjoying the sun, checked out unc david's house (about a year after he bought it - bad sister!), had fro-yo with grandpa (just jack, actually), watched cars, and conked out on the couch.  it was lovely!!!


lauren and brad said...

that doesn't sound very lazy to me! :) way to go mama of two. your kiddos are just adorable!

Leslie said...

p.s. what's the last pic?

jen said...

@lauren - we didn't stray but 2 miles from home...that's what made it seem lazy! and i did absolutely nothing around the house :)

@les - i tried to post with the new blogger interface and had so.many.issues. i'm so sad i have to soon :(. jack took the last two pictures, the one of maddy and of a rolly-polly ;)