Saturday, April 14, 2012

soccer mom.

take two on the soccer thing 'round here.  i searched last year through-and-through and didn't notice a blog post about last year's attempt at soccer.  it was horrible.  we signed up for lessons, went to the first, and jack didn't play.  we had a switch in venue and time (the first was around nap time).  we thought the new time would work better.  no go.  i even played again and again - picture me with 2-3yos :) - jack wouldn't join me.  i insisted that we don't quit and took him back for the remaining lessons to watch ME play with the other kids.  so not fun.

here jack is last year, looking like a pro, but not participating at all!!!!

this makes me a little sad, poor kiddo was shy.
but liked hanging with his mommy!
 and this is tonight.  he's wearing a striped green and white shirt.  you can barely see him, but this was all i could catch with a sleeping baby in my wrap.  and the fact that i was enjoying every minute of him having fun!  i got smart and asked a preschool friend's mom if she was planning on signing up her son, donovan.  we picked a time and day that would work for both of us.  jack was so excited, he couldn't WAIT until 4:15.  it was amazing!
check out the ominous clouds - we've been having thunder/lighting storms!
jack is by the goal
it was freezing - maddy was in a snow suit!
the girl coach is craaaaazy for wearing a t-shirt!
using his arm to keep his balance
no hands on the ball at all :)
coach al has the kids put their arms out like airplanes to fly back to him
for the next drill instructions.  he's a cool dude.

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