Thursday, April 26, 2012

how to take a love for tissue poms to a whole new level

1. collect poms from your house, parties people throw for you, and order new ones.
2. buy a 10' section of lattice 'cause you don't know how long you'll need for the extreme number of tissue poms on-hand.
3. venture outside on the hottest day of the year and start tying.
4. crawl under lattice/poms to evaluate progress.
5. tie more.
6. add in lanterns.
7. watch neighbors give you weird looks  {only 'cause i doubt they've ever seen tissue poms, except for those in my front window}  especially as they watch you climb under and photograph the 'project'.
8. arrange/add/be happy at the obscene number of tissue poms you managed to squeeze on a lattice fence section.
9. realize you need to saw off the remainder of the lattice fence.  {grunt}
10.  attach twine to frame and eye-hooks to ceiling. hang.
11.  add garland, because you love garland almost as much as you love tissue poms, and baby maddy needs to have all of your obsessions represented in her room.
12. revel in the fact that you have a baby GIRL to craft for!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{13. upload 500 pictures of it into a blog post - sorry!}


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man i love all these projects you're doing!!