Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 month check-up

maddy passed her two month check-up with flying colors!  she got three shots and one oral injection, but handled them like a pro!  no fever or fussiness at all - YES.  injections are so hard, but maddy and i handled it really well.  jack recently had his shots, so he told maddy all about the 'pinch' and me having to hold her down (i'll do a 4yr check-up post soon to explian that one!) before heading off to preschool.  when he got in the car, he asked if she got her shots.  i said yes.  then i hear, in a little whisper, 'maddy, i'm sorry mommy made you get those shots.'  (i MADE her.  geez, didn't think they'd be talking about what i MADE them do so early!!!  i can hear it now.  mom MADE me wear this shirt.  mom MADE me come home at eleven, can you believe it?  mom MADE me clean my room before i could go to the movies.  she MADE us hang out with her and dad.....)

weight - 10lbs, 5oz - 25th percentile
height - 22.5 inches - 42nd percentile
head circum - 39.5 cm - 60th percentile (she has a beautifully brilliant brain in there!)

she's been talking up a storm, holding conversations (we talk, she talks, back and forth), copying sounds, holding up her head on her tummy, going from tummy to back (usually when mad, but she's capable), smiling, and she started a gurgle-y laugh on sunday!  she's also moving all around when left to play on her playmat or while she's supposed to be napping :)

she absolutely adores jack!!!  he comes with me to get her up in the morning and she gives him the biggest smiles!  and when he brings a toy to share a priceless toothless grin appears.  it's so beautfiul and amazing to see their bond so soon!  we saw it with jack right away, but now baby sis is all about her big bro.  it's adorable!

little miss is still eating her way through day and night!  i fed her last night and put her back to bed.  two mintutes later she was asking for more.... apparently i didn't rouse her when she fell asleep like i usually do and she didn't get enough!  sorry, little lady!

maddy likes to nap in her swing or car seat if we're home, and in the moby wrap is we're out and about in the morning.  it's hard to get her to sleep in her crib since we have to come and go to drop off/pick up jack at preschool and sometimes run errands, too.  since that chaos goes on mwf, tuesdays and thrusdays are a tad more difficult.  in the afternoon, she slumbers in her crib while i spend qt with jack, make dinner, fold some clothes, and definitely watch Ellen :)!

i've been reading on my ipad (why didn't i do this sooner!) during midnight feedings as to not disturb the machine, but also not bore myself.  i don't interact, though it's sooooo hard, during night feedings.  i really think it's what makes going back into bed easy for us.

we've been LOVING the new interactions!!!  it's impossible to get a smile picture, though, she's too busy using that big ol' brain to figure out what the camera is.  these are the best i've got:

i took these right before her shots.  she has no idea what is going to happen and was so happy at the drs!  this is also my first baby girl purchase, a dress from old navy that i LOVE.  only problem is that in her wrap or carseat, you can only see the blue stripes, so everyone called her a him yesterday.  note to self: add flower headpiece next time!

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