Thursday, April 5, 2012

4yo check-up

our drs sees kids between 4 and 5 and gives them the required immunizations for kindergarten.  jack was a little young on the spectrum, with most parents waiting until just before registration (december!) to get all of their records and shots up to date, but i wanted to get it over with.  i'd rather have the appointment now, get the shots, and paperwork and let the others fight it out for a spot in the fall.  i either procrastinate or do something really early!  there's no 'on-time' for me!
can't believe we enroll him in school in december!!!
jack wasn't happy about going to the drs.  i wish i could change his mind about them and dentists, but he really doesn't like them.  we've had plenty of positive experiences at both, but those negative times (shots) and scenes on cartoons (finding nemo - dentist drilling!) seem to stick in his brain a little better.  :(.  

our visit:
trekked in with stroller combo, jack, diaper bag, and because that's how it always happens, no matter how prepared you are, a hungry and poopy baby.
waited for a minute or two, but our dr is pretty punctual.
nurse asked jack to weigh in.  ok here.
nurse asked jack to 'play a game' where he tells her what picture he sees - eye test.  jack thinks it's really a game and jokes around with her.  needless to say, we need to re-do eye test next time.
jack is asked to strip down to his underwear.  he refuses.  i get his shirt off, but that's all.
dr. comes in and jack is adamant about not getting on the table.  fine, i'll hold you.
some physical tests.  hop on one foot, right, left. jump.
dr. examines and talks with jack.  he warms up a little.  dr. and i chat.  all seems normal and good!
and then she asks if i plan on getting him his inoculations.  yep.
nurse comes in room.
jack runs to corner.
maddy is screaming.
i pick up jack and have to pin him down.
strip down his pants.
one pinch.
two pinches.
three pinches.
screaming jack.  like hysterical screaming.
nurse leaves and jack says to me, 'mommy, kids don't like it when their parents lay on top of them.'
teary eyed jack didn't like me holding him down.  duh, kids don't like that, mom.

and our 4yo:
his new favorite picture expression
weight - 37 lbs - 60th percentile (can't believe that!  he was so tiny when he was a baby!)
height - 3'5.25"- 68th percentile (and tall enough for every ride except indiana jones and space mountain!)
BMI - 43rd percentile


Leslie said...

they do bmi at age 4? weird.

jen said...

bmi - weird, huh? i think it's a way to get parents to start thinking about the eating habits they're instilling at an early age. a lot of the literature for this appointment was about healthy eating and exercise. i guess it gives the dr a solid health reason to have the conversations.