Thursday, October 20, 2011


our halloween decor (inside):
how creepy is that picture of the scary guy?  we have a girl one too.
she's behind the sweet pumpkins:
hey, pumpkin, meet you at the patch! :)
the creepy ones talk and flash with red lights in their eyes --- they give me the creeps.
hence the sweet pumpkin placement...
i'm loving my new silhouette pictures!
excuse the 'pumpkin snowman's' missing face.
i've kept some of our decor in the halloween box - hitting that 3rd trimester - i don't feel so well and there are more important things to do than go all-out for halloween (like tackle that HUGE to-do list -- not even a dent in it since the last posts: here, here, here, and here!  ah!).  we did, however, enjoy creating these displays and i have a few other craft projects/games for jack to do.  i hope to decorate outside this weekend (i just have up purple lights with no power-source, ran out of energy - ha! get it?) as we are planning on having my family over for some trick-or-treating, snacks + dinner, and desserts.  that's all if laura isn't in LABOR.  she's due in less than a week (the 26th of october)!!!   i have to go do some work on the baby's room (like get out all the JUNK i've thrown in it - eek!) before it's a week before my due date and there's no place to put the diapers but the kitchen!

do you decorate for halloween?  whatcha do?


Leslie said...

hate/love those scary things. never liked them from the start, but am either you or i talked you into getting them at the store!

jen said...

it's love/love/hate. jack loves, pete loves, i hate. they are a nice addition to the glitteryness that fills my holiday tables. and yes, you talked me into getting them. :)

info said...

The decor looks great. Not a fan of the scary pics though. I can't believe they don't scare Jack?? Guess Im just a wuss. Did you make the silhouette pics? Very cute. I'm always impressed with your craftiness/decorating abilities.