Wednesday, October 19, 2011

jamie kanter's birthday

les was amazing for jk's birthday this year!  i think she created the first.EVER facebook flash mob.  i'm hoping this link works for you, because her debut flash mob album entitled 'A Day in the TuckLife of Jamie Kanter' is amazing.  not only did this creative genius spend her weekend taking pics of 'jamie' all around newfreakinghampshire, she also sent an email to friends/family/previous bosses(?) to do the same all over the country.  

our snapshots:
mommy, is this JAMIIEEEEE?
'hi, i'm jamie'
jack, we have to take pictures for his birthday.
ah, a snack!
jack says, no jamie is NOT a snack.
how about this one?
with my pumpkin!
happy birthday squeeeeze!
and my grasshopper!
jack also yelled, let me seeeee! after every single picture.  it was adorable.  happy birthday, jamie!  and thank you to les for entertaining us for a while :).


jskanter said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for helping to make my birthday incredible this year!

Leslie said...

woah!! Jamie Kanter knows how to leave a comment?! Amaaahzing! He kept talking about being snuggled by Jack and said it was like the "cutest thing he's ever seen". Thanks for playing!

Sarah said...

adorable! (talking about jack not mini jamie)

Leslie said...

i just remembered this post and had to come back to look at it. love.