Thursday, October 13, 2011

fright fest!!

despite my extreme fear for frightening halloween jazz, the willis and green families braved the unknown and went to six flags discovery kingdom last weekend.  our fears were for not, as it was a blast of a time and wasn't scary at all.  we rode rides, visited animals, and took in some shows.  such a fun sunday afternoon!!
i was impressed with the transformation to an autumn/scary decor:

the boys waiting for the scrambler

we celebrated shouka:

jack was thrilled to play with his mini-shouka during the show
 an elephant took a bath a few feet away from us!!
 then we ventured to the 'africa' part of the park:

kristin took autumn and austin on the frog hopper ride while pete took jack.  jason and i were laughing so hard at them and their reactions, luckily i caught a few pics:

jack rode again by himself
 as it got dark, we kept it safe by heading to a kid-friendly section of the park with rides and character visits.

time to go to another show!
they changed up some of the shows after dark - the dolphins hosted a disco:

 we were exhausted after running nonstop through the park from 1-8:30.  i am sure the kids conked out as soon as they hit their carseats!  i know i wanted to!!


courtney said...

Jack is so so so big!! What a little man!

Leslie said...

how you gonna say it ain't scary?! pierced skeletons with fountains of blood spurting everywhere?! scary.