Monday, August 8, 2011

jack's room to-do list

i am taking FULL advantage of the glorious time of pregnancy called the second trimester.  seriously, it's the BEST.  babies kick, sickness is gone-zo, and energy is through.the.roof!  yay!

last week i worked on jack's room:

jack's room:
1. take out changing table (see why this was an urgent matter below)
2. go through and take out old toys/clothes
3. paint and install closet doors
4. re-do never-say-die ikea dresser, have jack help
5. create organization in closet = no more toys all around the room

jack's been using his changing table as a dresser since potty-training was complete.  it's worked out well, as dressers go, until jack decided to use it as a BED during naptime:

funny jack
this was so not okay, so dangerous, so we needed to get it out asap.  i didn't think it would be a big deal, but jack was devastated when i mentioned taking it out.  i'm trying not to do a lot of these things (take away something from jack to give to baby), and especially not right before the little bean arrives.  it worked out perfecting that jack's room could be transformed into a 'big boy' room before he starts wanting to be a baby like the baby!

i did a sweep of updating toys and wardrobes and then got to work on the rest of the list!

i painted jack's closet doors white, like our trim, on top and magnet-board paint on one side with chalkboard paint on the other:
i used water to wipe some marks, kind of mad i didn't retake!
jack helped paint our ikea dresser.  i took it out of our room to put into his to replace changing table, but it totally needed a coat of paint and new knobs.  jack is an excellent dresser-painter:
removing the knobs
only before i can find right now!
counting to make sure we didn't lose any screws.

lastly, i moved jack's bed and reorganized the closet.  i wanted all of his toys to have a place - out of sight.  voila!
before door install
bed's new home
and because it is NEVER a to-do post without before pics:
green family before
no closet, toys everywhere
before we bought the house!
his bed is now in this corner, desk is still there.
if you're keeping track, i've completed THREE rooms!  laundry, dining, jack. YES.


Leslie said...

oh god. that before picture. oh god.

love the green dresser!

tricia said...

omg the before picture...the DOLLS, ahhhhh! SCARY.

ADORE jack's room :)