Wednesday, October 12, 2011

apple hill 2011

it's that time of year again - YAY!  we decided to head up to apple hill early this year - a little anniversary celebration with the hopes of skipping the pumpkin madness that we've ran into in the past!  success!  we made it up to high hill ranch in no time, with no traffic at.all.  it's amazing how much better the air smells when you aren't inhaling all the smog from the thousands of cars putting on the two lane road.  it was an absolutely beautiful day!

oh man - i'm totally drinking KEGS of apple beer next year!
grandpa and jack bee-lining for snacks!
the pond looked beautiful!
 we were up early enough to eat a bbq lunch.
jack being a goof.
he's not so into pictures right now - stinker!
 and of course we had caramel + peanut covered apples!  we all shared since we had lunch minutes ago:
 jack pointing at the apples:
pure happiness.
 we purchased three gallons of apple juice at boa.  we are obsessed with apple juice right now and i really only like FRESH apple juice.  no from-concentrate for me.  in two weeks, we're down to 1/2.... it may be time for a another trip!!

he had to have some right.then.
 see how good it is.............
obviously we grabbed pie a la mode to share, too.
 boa has a pumpkin patch, too.  jack's totally into posing with both hands on his hip.  it's so cute and too funny.  this is when he's down for a pic, that is.

 he wanted to take allllllllll these pumpkins home!!

and, apple hill, blasts from the past!
2007 - jack was in my belly!
2008 - it was cold and jack wore an adorable hat!
2009 - we went with the willis family!


devon lorraine ... said...

two things:
1) you totally read my mind! as soon as i saw the post title, my plan was to ask you for pics from previous years in my comment. but you already covered that!
2) i almost FREAKED OUT when i saw how much jack has grown since last year!?! but that was 2009. you skipped a year. phew!

jen said...

haha! i am trying to keep the posts together with links to the past -- esp with jack growing up so fast :(. i'm not sure why we didn't go last year (or if we did, why i didn't take any pics...), but that freaked me out at first too!!

Leslie said...

response to dev:
1) funny
2) hilarious! HA!