Monday, October 24, 2011

busy bees!

after way too much complaining, we decided to tackle a few to-do items this weekend (in addition to the pumpkin patch, having lunch and a walk with pete's parents, and visiting the new giacobazzi pad - posts to come!).  our plan was simple: pumpkin patch and garage cleaning.  we did so.much.more!

friday pm:  pumpkin patch in suisun valley - so fun, post later. check!
cleaned out garage!  we were originally going to save this task for saturday - you know how long it can take to clean out a garage - but our neighbors were going to have a garage sale satruday am and offered to sell a few items for us (yes, please!  i hate garage sales, but love not throwing away or donating everything).  we sold a few items and got the garage manageable (as best as we'll ever have it!) that evening.  check!

saturday am:  garage sale - we were up bright and early to price and deliver our five items to the garage sale across the street.  we ended up organizing our porch area (toys, especially) and playing outside before heading to the east bay for a walk and lunch at pete's parents.  we spent a leisurely afternoon chatting and listened to cal (WIN!) on the way home.  check!

saturday pm:  relax!  and i made homemade mac-n-cheese.  delish!

sunday am:
storage closets - we woke up feeling so refreshed and with a great sense of accomplishment (even though we just cleaned out the garage- ha!).  we kept the beat rolling and attacked our mess of a mess storage closest.  i store all our holiday decor, stuff jack's grown out of, and pete stores tools in there.  we had a bit of a mishap involving bird seed and rodents (you don't want to know) and i'm super happy we did it this weekend.  we found out that the car seat and a few other items we were banking on using for baby #2 had become the home to a little family with big teeth.  all ruined - better now than later to find that out - i cried a ton, but we're just going to have to go out and buy it all again!  (i'm in better spirits now) check!

fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors - installed with the help of our resident handy man! check!

sunday pm:
plants - after viisting laura and eric's new pad, we came home to a ho-hum front yard.  pete suggested we buy pots to make our cone topiaries more grand, and i was digging it!  i wish i had before pics, but i think they're pretty cute now! check!


lauren and brad said...

whoa. gotta love a productive weekend, and i know how good it feels to get that stuff done with a bun in the oven! :) proud of y'all!

Leslie said...

wait, why did you cry over the stuff in the garage? fun to go get more stuff, no? were they expired anyway? eep! glad you were able to figure it out now vs later.

good work with all the organizing!

i feel like people use filler around topiary to keep the wetness in there, decrease freeze effects (happens in ca too, right?), and to overall insulate the soil. i LOVE those planter/plants!

jen said...

thanks, lauren!

les, i cried because it was HUNDREDS (around $800!!) of dollars we were gifted last time that we'll have to pay for ourselves this time - just a big loss when the items were in perfectly fine condition and i loved them, hence me saving instead of donating/tossing :).

for the planters we used gravel on the bottom, then a moss and soil mixture to keep the moisture (but not too much). i think they're good, but i have to keep an eye on them!!

jen said...

les-- like bark?

devon lorraine ... said...

so impressed with all you've been doing. how do you have the energy??

i love your topiary!