Monday, August 15, 2011

camping trip #4!

we are camping machines, seriously.  we have one more trip scheduled this summer.  it's nice to get all the kinks out and get a real system going so next summer will be easier (or we'll have to throw all of it out the window, who knows!?!) with our family of four.

we welcomed the giacobazzi's and willis family this trip.  it was my sister's first time camping, ever.  check out her post on her new blog HERE.  we had a great time exploring yet another beach and determining the best spot to try and reserve next year.  fashoda campgrounds, you are our fav!

we ate cantelope + cheesed for the camera
we took a family hike
we swam naked in the resevoir
some rolled in the sand
we took preggo pics 
and family pics

pete + pepper jumped off rocks
we warmed up in the sun
(see laura's post, we got sunburned, jack lectured us on the use of sunscreen)
we threw pepper a ton of sticks
and gazed out over the water
(kristin + autumn)
we sang songs around the campfire
a favorite?  itsy-bitsy spider!
the boys took turns building bigger + better fires
we slept with pepps + enjoyed it
we had fun in our tent

and enjoyed each other's company!
it was a great trip and hopefully the first of many with the giacobazzi's!!!!!!!!!!!


devon lorraine ... said...

ooooh, one of my favorite parts of camping is picking out the PERFECT spot. even if it is for next year!

Patina said...

You are building such amazing family memories!!!

Patina said...

Oh...I forgot. Picture #2 is a great shot of Pepper. LOL

Leslie said...

i always wanted parents who camped! good work!

tricia said...

so much fun!