Wednesday, August 17, 2011

alameda antique fair finds!

i know my new entry design is super summery {in my defense, indian summers are our 'thing' with temperatures really kicking it into high gear end of august until early october [with no wind!] -- and sometimes into halloween}, but i just had to incorporate my alameda find: a super old window!  i picked up this goodie with no idea how to use it, but with so many ideas at the same time!
new entry set-up
from above with better view of find!
isn't the yellow fun!
it has a darker turquoise-y green on the edge and flip side
the placemats are from anna maria - i just LOVE them.  i'm figuring out a way to make my kitchen yellow and bright pink come springtime :)

and, in a previously seen post, the letter G and number 19 were dug out from a ginormous pile of letters, numbers, and symbols of all sizes!  my belly hurt from crouching so long looking for the perfect G, 1, and 9.  kristin got a W and an A -- we both wish we had picked up more!
i can't get over the monogram thing
as in our address
on another note, i am completely digging my gladiolus stems from trader joe's.  $1.99 and blooming perfectly!  they were the inspo for the impromptu decor today.
btw, those are the tissue poms frombecca's shower
the baby's room has housed all my crafts
it's time to use 'em or move 'em!


Leslie said...

1.99?? amazing! lauren used to hang old windows over her beds. so now they all remind me of her and make me smile. good find!

Jason & Kristin said...

Alameda Fair was so fun, worth getting up at the crack of dawn! Super funny cause your absolutely right about wishing I had picked up other letters...perhaps on the next trip. I also have been pinning under Crafts I think lots of window ideas. plus I have about every color vinyl these days including bright yellow let me know if you want to sticker up that amazing window find.

courtney said...

good find! and we're totally into the 1.99 glads too... dining room favorite!