Thursday, August 11, 2011

hallway to-do list!

this week i focused on the hallway.  fun-oh-fun!  not really.

hallway to-do:
1. clean out all five closets: linen (for linens, both bed and kitchen), towel, broom/cleaning, coat, old hot water heater home (aka waste of space)
2.  take down 'american' decor.  normally i leave it up for labor day, but it's had a long showing, it's time.
3.  re-do photo gallery.  i had taken it down prior to becca's shower (for some odd reason), it's time to bring it back!

i'm not going to bore you with the details of cleaning out and organizing five closets.  the shop vac and trash cans are full, that's all i'm going to say.

now on to the fun part, which i saved for last, because if i didn't i would never clean out those closets!

you can see my old photo wall and details here.  i went through basically the same process, this time adding post-its and perfectly measuring and marking nail holes.  i nailed through the paper, then took it down from left to right adding the corresponding pictures.  i have grand plans of changing out the actual pictures, but that is the super fun part.  i need to work on the not-so-fun parts of my to-do list first.  and maybe get this baby here so he/she can participate (in being in the pictures, not replacing them)!
all laid out
post-its instead of saying what the picture is
it was much easier this time!
traced and labeled craft paper
this tech worked so well last time
i measured and cut this last night
leveled on wall - lower this time, which i like
so does jack :)
it only took me an hour.  that's not too shabby!
i added some notes, they are too small :(
the door keyhole plates are chicago finds from my trip in feb.
the 19 and G are from the alameda antiques fair.
i plan on painting the wood frame and replacing the pic.
before, as in wednesday morning:
blah, blah, boooooring.
aaaaaaand, before the green family moved in:
the walls were wood paneling wallpapered!
we replaced flooring throughout (except bedrooms $)
do you like the planter and basket thing-y?
we capped the planter with wood, that's what the flowers sit on.
this is the area you always see in my holiday decor pics.
we replaced windows and flooring.


Jason & Kristin said...

Love this photo montage...Can't wait to visit and see all the fun photos!

lauren and brad said...

You are seriously ON A ROLL! Wow! :)

Leslie said...

I love the lowered collage! Crazy how a couple of inches makes a difference. Also, forgot that you took the original one down. :)

info said...

I didn't notice you took the first one down either..guess I'm not very observant. I love all the before and afters you have been posting lately, keep'em coming. BTW, what's the meaning of the 19?