Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oh, ooooh, we're half-way theeeerrree!!!

it's unbelievable.  i can not even wrap my head around it!  we're 20w,2d.... that's half-way, folks!!  here is a shot of our little greenbean at his/her 20w ultrasound yesterday:

baby green #2 at 20 weeks
i know with the holidays and my super-huge to-do list that this second half will fly by even faster.  it makes me want to get my butt in gear, but we're sick :(.  i've been battling a horrible cough - without medicine, so no sleeping! - since sunday.  jack is suffering with more of a runny nose, poor guy.  i'm hoping we're up and running by friday, we're going to Reno!  jack is off school this week, so at least i didn't plan much around-the-house-to-do-before-babe-stuff.  just playing and going on outings *which now include abandoned parks so i don't get the evil-eye from other parents*.

and 'cause i like to see the similarities, jack at 20 weeks:
baby green #1 at 20 weeks
i've come to the realization that all babies in-utero may look the same, however, jack looks exactly like this, so i'm thinking there has to be some individualization....right?


jen said...

do you see any similarities or differences? anyone want to make a venn diagram?

jen said...
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Leslie said...

evil eye from parents?! what?

and yes! i see similarities! --> they both look like ultrasounds.