Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cray-z weekend!

actually, it was a crazy 24 hours.  we went to a wedding (erin briggs and ryan smith) in lodi, getting home past midnight:
it was pretty and so erin!

i made myself a feather-faux-fascinator
our dumb tablemate's excellent photog skills
tim brown, albert lee, and pg
they moved too fast
this is all i got :(
go theta chi!
jeremy pine, pg, albert, ey
 then i woke up at 6am to meet kristin for the alameda antiques fair by the bay.  i forgot my camera in my car, but i got a couple great items!  after the fair, we went back to her house for a lunchtime bbq:
the kids played in the water for 5 hours!
it took me a while to get up-and-running on monday, even with this 2nd tri energy boost!

back to nesting posts tomorrow :)

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Leslie said...

fun! t wait to see the finds!