Wednesday, April 23, 2008


jack + yoda.

remember this?

wondering where i got a picture with yoda? my dad has yoda. yep. my dad bought yoda. saw dad driving around with a weird being in his passenger seat. yoda.

i will take offense to any suggestions of anyone looking alike. seriously, don't even think about typing it, he's a baby for goodness sake's!


courtney said...

oh my gosh, that really is the most adorable picture i have ever seen. forget posing with santa or the easter bunny - yoda is the way to go.

Leslie said...

he does NOT look like yoda. :) i can't believe he didn't freak out at the site of the thing? it's like he's used to seeing little green men with pointy ears walking around him on a regular basis. weird.

jen said...

thanks, courtney - how funny would that trend be?

and les - weird, huh? he didn't seem to mind at all. he must have the star wars gene pete gave him - i freaked out about yoda until i was twenty :)

devon lorraine ... said...

forget yoda, i want a baby jack figurine!