Wednesday, April 16, 2008

point isabelle

the day after the beach, we decided to take pepper & bailey to point isabel, an off-leash dog park in richmond. the girls had a blast! jack enjoyed meeting some new people and hearing the barks of other doggies. he is so great with noise - must've been his loud mommy & doggie sisters he heard throughout his time in my belly :)!! eager beavers
pepper taught many-a-dog about ocean fetching
bailey coached from the sidelines
too funny - each of these pups is waiting for their owner to finish using the facilities - how many times have you patiently waited for your dog at the door, too?
jack enjoyed his busy weekend!


Leslie said...

so, point iz was cool too? man, really need to get out to these places.

jen said...

need to visit with us soon!!! way too much fun - dog exercise and MAJOR people-watching.