Wednesday, April 30, 2008

travel day

big grins for daddy before we entered the airport
on our layover. he's such a sweet boy.
naptime with gran! jack loved holding her scarf as his blankie.

at 3:45 am on tuesday, the green family woke up, packed up the car, and ventured to sacramento international airport. jack ate a little breakfast while pete packed monkey mirror and the monitor in my already over-weight luggage. i am not a light packer (as most of you know, i have to weigh my suitcase for a weekend trip, ensuring i don't exceed the 50 pound weight limit) - add in a little guy with some explosive bodily functions and excessive drooling and we've got a problem. lucky for us, delta didn't give us the 'HEAVY' tag or charge us for being over the limit. we may have a problem getting home, though, because delta has a new baggage policy, taking affect on may 5th, the day before we return - only ONE free checked bag per ticketed passenger. jack is not a ticketed passenger. we have the 66 pound suitcase (busting at the seams), a travel bed, a diaper bag, purse, stroller, and car seat. i am getting away with way too much luggage for my $300 ticket, that's for sure. i have to make sure i don't buy a thing, or we'll have some real issues!

on to the great part... i didn't sleep much the night before our trip (not great). everyone says it's stressful to travel with children, no less a 12 week old (twelve weeks today! pictures, etc. later). jack is an amazing baby, but you never really know how your perfect baby will handle such an adventure. i barely handle a long day of traveling with grace. i cry. i may be short with people. i get exhausted. add in no sleep and our babe = major stress case. are you worried/stressed for me? don't be - jack was fantastic!!! after a tearful goodbye to daddy, jack patiently waited in the security line. when they asked me to take him out of his carseat and fold the stroller, he handled it with amazing calmness. we met my parents and got on the plane. jack and i were scheduled to sit in an aisle seat a few rows up, but a nice man kindly gave up his seat across the aisel from my parents. we were lucky enough to have the seat next to us empty, too! jack ate during the take-off - he didn't even bat an eyelash. he watched a bit of the movie (yes, he watches tv whenever he gets a chance, we're not encouraging it at all, tvs are just on sometimes, and he's interested) and fell asleep - until we landed! quick lunch and layover, back on a smaller plane. we sat with laura in the first row. jack ate, slept, and ate. he loves to fly, i think, just like his daddy!!

we still have to make it home, by ourselves, so keep your fingers crossed everything goes smooth then, too :)

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