Monday, April 28, 2008

from one end of the world to the other...

or so it will seem for our baby! jack, pete, and i visited berkeley yesterday. pete's been dying to take me to this amazing salad place, so after we visited point isabele with the girls, we ventured to telegraph ave:
jack is pumped!! he saw a ton of people & heard a few street bands!

this salad place is amazing!! simple, fresh, just delicious!!
trying to put anything in his mouth :)

berekeley is a different world - especially compared to millersburg, pennsylvania. we're heading there tomorrow morning, bright and early. we're visiting my pop pop and my aunts/uncles/cousins in the area. we'll be gone for a week and hope to post, but if not look for a recap at the end of next week :)


Leslie said...

i really love your stroller.

devon lorraine ... said...

oh, i have eaten at the salad place ... i think i added dates and goat cheese to mine!