Wednesday, April 2, 2008

happy 8 weeks, jackson!

jack, you are eight weeks old today! you've become quite the little sleeper... last night you only woke up once to eat! you were bright-eyed this morning at seven for your breakfast. your daddy and i are so proud of you! you don't take many naps during the day, which is so fun.

we got a new jogging stroller on monday which you love! you sit facing forward and have the freedom to wiggle around so much more. it's great for your mommy to drive, too. we use it at stroller strides and for walks around the neighborhood. i took you, pepper, and bailey on a walk yesterday so you could learn more about our neighborhood. you looked around the entire walk and smiled when i leaned around the corner of the stroller to see you... so cute and fun!

you have been smiling and laughing (your cute little muffled laugh) every day. you are so excited when your daddy comes home from work for lunch and the evening. it just melts our hearts when you get so happy!

we love you so much, jack!

mommy and daddy

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