Tuesday, April 15, 2008

beach day!

big stretch (added so his whole outfit can be seen - cute, huh? the onesie has crabs, pails, sandcastles, shovels... couldn't resist)
sitting in his bebe pod, checking out the scene
discussing putting toes in the sand
jack's first sandy step!

check out the beach, gang! and how cute is that hat?!?
nap time - way too much excitement for a 9 week old!

the weather was absolutely beautiful saturday, so pete and i decided to take jack to the beach! we loaded up the car with beach bags, snacks, and an umbrella. jack wore his little beach onsie, hat, and sunscreen (was a concern, but the doctor said it's better to have sunscreen than not to, even at his young age. most stick to no sunscreen until 6 months, but if you do an allergy test and it's clear, you can go ahead!).

the car ride started out smoothly, until we hit the highway one, stinson beach exit -- whoa! guess we weren't the only ones thinking beach day!! the road is very curvy at times, and i was worried about a carsick baby. not this kid! we saw little smiles after the curves through his monkey mirror. amazing, because i get VERY carsick (no, ladies, i haven't been using it as an excuse to sit in the front all these years, as previously suggested!!) and pete was having a hard time while driving! we continued on, found a parking spot, and planted ourselves in the warm (78 degree) sunshine.

jack enjoyed wiggling his toes in the sand, but the water was WAY too cold for him to try. he took a nice nap in the warm air while i got some sun and pete swam (he's crazy and will swim in ANYTHING). we had a great day and can't wait until we can go back - but with northern california beach weather, that may have been the one nice day of the year...


devon lorraine ... said...

i love the little bebe pod!!! he looks like a lifeguard.

Leslie said...

what the heck is a bebe pod? and also, any park plans for this weekend?