Saturday, April 5, 2008

briones regional park

last sunday, i suggested that the green family start exploring the plentiful regional parks in our area (various reasons = fresh air, exercise, dog exploration, introducing jack to the wilderness).

load up! = jack (see him in his moneky mirror!), rugged stroller, pepper (top right), bailey, & snacks

the weather was beautiful today, so we ventured to briones regional park:

it's located in hills between pinole, martinez, lafayette, etc., and was the location of a few boy scout camping trips of pete's when he was younger:

camp site

jack checking out the beautiful scenery (trees + blue sky) from his stroller

the green family girls

we hiked to a beautiful picnic area and had lunch.

my review of briones (from a nonhiker, noncamper, 'indoor' type of girl):
restrooms: clean and plentiful
picnic areas: also clean and plentiful. with tons of trash/recylcing options.
hiking style: easy. very little in the way of hills = perfect for a stroller. however, we only ventured on one trail and it looked like there were some crazy hills for those searching for more adventure. the website boasts fews of all over the bay = hill-top views, so i know they're there somewhere!
cost: $3 for parking, $2 per dog

all in all the day was excellent, especially this time of year with the poppies and amazing weather!!

california poppies

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Leslie said...

We're so signing up for the next green outing! Did you run through the flowers and fall asleep ala Wizof Oz? Don't you wish I were there to do it for you?