Sunday, March 4, 2012

maddy is 6 weeks old today! 3.4.12

baby sis,

you and your big bro:
maddy at 6 weeks
jack at 6 weeks

you are six weeks old today!  we have had such a nice week spending quality time together.  we had lunch with your grammy and peepaw and aunt sara, we bundled up for a wild rain storm, and we ventured out this weekend to have a picnic and buy plants to plant (it's 73* today!!!).  you're eating a little more it seems, and sleeping a little more, too.  i think you're going to have another growth spurt soon!  we've learned that you like to get to sleep in the car, and if you do, you can sleep for hours.  you also prefer to sleep on your tummy, so i let you take your naps that way.  you are definitely sleeping on your back in your moses basket right next to your mommy still.  i was thinking we'd transition this weekend, but your increased eating at night has derailed that plan for the time being.  you did take a nap in your crib and you slept for SO LONG!  at least you like it in there!!  

i can't get enough of your little peanut position and watching you sleep:

play mat activity time
you are growing so big!  you are almost growing out of your newborn clothes - actually, your arms and legs are, but not your belly!  you are a long little girl.  this picture doesn't do the amount of pink that was in there justice - your daddy said it looked like cotton candy exploded all over the place.  a special thanks to autumn and kristin willis for lending maddy so many adorable outfits!  i can't believe how well the sizing has matched up to the seasons perfectly!!
closet organizing
you didn't sleep much at all on tuesday or thursday during the day - i'm thinking you like the routine of falling asleep when i take jack to school at 9, which is on mon, wed, and fri.  you'll usually sleep the whole time he's learning new things - even if i'm running errands and taking you in and out of the moby wrap!  when we don't go anywhere, though, it's hard to get you down.  today we bribed you with your swing because you were SO tired.  you like to wake up for a while at your 4am meal and it's been hard for you and i to adjust!  just when you get back to sleep around 6, your big bro is ready to start his day!  it was a life-saver to get your morning nap in today.  hopefully i'll get you into a bit of a routine this week :).

happy six weeks, madelynn!!!

love you,
mommy, daddy, and big bro jack-jack


courtney said...

nice wardrobe! and how much do i love the butt in the air sleep pose? miss those days (every once in a while.)

lauren and brad said...

she sounds a lot like her okie-cousin! :)

That ruffled booty in the air is too much! I can't take the cuteness! xoxo