Saturday, March 3, 2012

you're two weeks old, little lady! 2.5.12

dear maddy,

you are two weeks old!!!  in the last week we went to your first doctor's appointment - you were so good!  dr. flynn was very impressed with your weight gain - you are 7lbs 1oz!  at this appointment, you are expected to be at birth weight, so you were a shining star!  we knew you would be, you're such a great eater!

you had your first bath today, february 5th.  you didn't really enojy it, but i know you will soon enough!  your big brother sure loved it though!  he's such a big helper :)!!

maddy at two weeks
jack at two weeks
jack's two week post.

 we had a busy week!  we introduced you to your friends autumn and austin willis:
we just stared at you the whole time
autumn let you use a TON of her super cute girl clothes!  we are so lucky she's sharing with you, you loved meeting them (even if you slept most the time!).

we also went to sarah and casey's new house in oakland to meet them and the bynums.  you had a nice time sleeping there, too ;):

jack admiring his baby sis
 we also started some serious tummy time:
you're a fan most of the time!!
and went on a family hike!

some more pics of the week:

next week is HUGE!  it's your big bro's 4th birthday!!!!!!

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