Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the zoo!

in an attempt to prevent stir-craziness during jack's spring break, we made a tirp to the sacramento zoo and fairy tale town.  it's supposed to rain most of the week, so monday was our best bet.  noone else had our fabulous idea, we practically had the zoo to ourselves!  fairy tale town was a little busy, but we had a blast with the kids that were there!

the zoo is small, and many animals were resting, but we had a good time anyway!  jack was the map-master:

 we watched the super cute giraffes for a bit:
and enjoyed the brilliant color of the flamingos.  except they are stinky, i never really knew!
i didn't do anything to this photo, they were that bright!
 the zebra and ostrich were roaming around - they are almost the same size!  what a big bird!
 i'm pretty sure the primates were our favorite, jack didn't stop to read any other signs....

 this beautiful bird started a conversation about male birds being more colorful so they could get 'husbands'.
 and full-circle, back to the stinky birds.
not sure why they aren't as bright here...
the kiddos gave the zoo two thumbs up!
and i got a 'thank you!' hug and smile for the camera :).

fairy tale town post coming tomorrow!!!

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devon lorraine ... said...

the double two thumbs up is awesome!