Thursday, March 1, 2012


this is how i've been feeling lately:
add a 4yo, another larger dog, hubby
subtract bottle, add hooter-hider
 and i've been looking a little like this:
subtract glasses, add spit-up.
i have to read up on mom style tips via {what?!?!  good article, though!!} and petition jcrew/br/nordies to add a line for nursing moms - tops are impossible to find!  i forgot what it's like to have to nurse a LOT {limits style choices}, have a post-preggo body for a while {grunt}, not have time to do hair+makeup {barely get time to shower!}, and to be missing a few {or more} hours of beauty sleep every night.      kids are cool with a crazy-looking mom at this young age, right?!?

don't get me started on the house:
but it feeeeeeels like it!
i keep reminding myself that kids don't care if your house is messy {or your hair, clothes, face!}, and am loving every.single.minute {okay, most.minutes!} of having these two kiddos.

now i have to get back to playing dinosaurs while maddy naps in my arms!

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