Tuesday, March 27, 2012

maddy's two months old!

our little maddy is growing so fast!  she's two months old, loving watching her brother, smiling, cooing, and rolling from tummy to back.  she hasn't had her two month check-up yet, but she's a bigger little one than jack, that's for sure!  i'm interested to see how she's stacking up to others of her age group.  everyone keeps telling me how tiny and little she is, but i think it's just the daintiness of being a girl!  she's absolutely beautiful!

here are some pictures in my favorite head pieces.  and a tutu, seriously loving the accessories for baby sis!

this is her
mommy, how many more????????
look. :)

so, i know our babies resemble each other, their siblings from the same stock!  but, i think they look very different at the same ages, seen below.  now, though?  i totally think they look more alike!

maybe a mini-me?  definitely a mini-pete.


devon lorraine ... said...

Pretty girl! And she has luscious little baby lips!

lauren and brad said...

Oh my gosh jen! She is SO pretty! And yes...she totally looks like her mama! Who is also gorgeous!