Saturday, March 17, 2012

st. patty's day

st.patty's day was fun!  we woke up to donuts with green sprinkles, went shopping, had lunch at a local bar/restaurant (with kiddos), and watched basketball while jack played and maddy ate/slept/pooped.  we also took some pictures:

i think she was hungry here, but i had to get the picture before she ate, then spit-up, then had a bm.
they happen too fast sometimes and outfits have to be changed often!
i had to bow her up, obviously.
shirt #2
a jack hand-me-down
jack likes being naked now-a-days.
beginning smile at her mommy
i knew we had a great picture of jack in this shirt on the boppy - i should've looked it up before taking these shots, but again, time was of the essence...

alas, found jack's photo and the best i could come up with for maddy.  their 1st st. patty's days, side-by-side:


devon lorraine ... said...

totally understand the "take picture now even though she's hungry" thing. and love the side by side!

lauren and brad said...

whoa! jack is pete and maddie is YOU! Awesome side by side! and such a fun patty's day!

Jason & Kristin said...

We love looking at pictures...autumn and austin keep saying...ooohhhhh look at jacks baby..., jacks baby sleeping mommy...., jacks baby is sad...jacks baby needs to go for a cute Jack is definitely the luckiest little guy in their eyes!