Sunday, January 15, 2012

showering baby greenbean

laura and sheila threw baby greenbean #2 or 2.0 and i a lovely shower!  i had so much fun and everything was so.dang.cute!  mom went a bit wilder with the colors, which are now in the baby's room as decor :), i love it!

snacking and sharing birth stories
tara said she's is going to adopt after all that talk!
beginning of the alphabet wall
contributions by guests and family/friends from afar
can't wait to share the finished product!
a look back at baby greenbean #1's shower!


courtney said...

great colors! (and great wall color!)

jen said...

that's the brown i was going to suggest for your room! we painted our dining room the same color and i LOVE it!

courtney said...

it's gorgeous.

so i just went back and read Jack's birth story. am full of tears. you did an amazing job. i know how brutal the pitocin is, we had to go that route too, and i hated it. just the thought of the stress you went haunts me.

This labor is going to be totally different and you're going to do great. I can't wait to find out what you're having!

jen said...

thanks for the encouragement! i'm hoping things are different this time, and that we're in and out of there with a healthy new baby fast! i can't wait to meet him/her!!!!!!

devon lorraine ... said...

i am excited to read baby 2.0's birth story, which will be amazing no matter which route it takes!

and i can't wait to see the alphabet wall!

(and relieved to see my "Z" got there!)

and most of all, can hardly stand the wait until he/she is here!

jen said...

dev - thanks for the z! i sent off your thank you card before i knew the alphabet wall was going on and that you sent a letter! {can this be your thank you? :)} i LOVE the Z!!!!

Leslie said...

1. love tara's response to the stories.
2. wish i could have been there.
3. your Y will get there soon. just needs to get motivated to leave nfh....but 33* and raining. you know, because it's super cold, but just not cold enough for snow today?? whaaa?
p.s. it was -22 last night. WHAAAAA?