Monday, January 16, 2012

it's our due date!

no baby, which is a-ok here, just finishing up the last few errands and projects!  here is the nursery pre-boy/girl accents:

recognize everything from the shower?  the wall to the left holds random letters of the alphabet, to be completed by those not able to make the shower and a few my mom/sister/self/grammy may need to whip up.  i'll post that when it's complete!

the wall color is kind-of weird in the pictures, but i promise it's cute!

dr update:  we went on friday and had no more progress :(.  we have an appointment on friday, then will visit every three days for non-stress tests on the baby and to monitor fluid level and my blood pressure (which has been really low, so i'm not worried about that).  dr le will let the pregnancy go 42 weeks and just added a few more days as that's the absolute latest.  so 42 weeks + 3 days, then induction.... though i'd prefer a birth any day now, i don't need the baby in there gaining all sorts of weight!!  and i'd kind-of like to have the baby before my birthday (the 23rd), just to be a tad normal on that day {read sushi and maybe some wine}.

the waiting game really begins now!!  send positive labor/birthing thoughts our way!!!

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