Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas eve!

a forewarning - my posts will probably be really heavy on the photos as my ribs have been killing me for a month or so now and with only two weeks to go, i'm thinking i'd rather get the info out there (this has become our only source of scrapbooking!!) with just photos and captions than skip blogging altogether.  i may head back later to add more text, but for now, it is what it is ;).

a chilly walk at st. mary's college prior to our crab/bread/salad lunch!
jack opening up his present from grammy, pe-paw, and aunt sara:

horsies and
a stable!
tracking santa on NORAD
giggling with grammy
we headed home to make cookies for santa and open our traditional one present:
tasting (unsanctioned)
these are the types of smiles i get now when i ask for jack to smile:

 our present opening:

modeling his new PJs:

 setting out cookies and carrots for santa and his reindeer:

why does he make this face with me?!?!
 hanging our stockings!
we read 'twas the night before christmas' and watched shrek (it was on, that's why) before heading off to bed.  jack was SO good knowing that santa was on his way!!!!


Leslie said...

fun + exciting presents!! oh wait, pjs?


p.s. have you noticed martha getting super snarky lately? I'm watching an episode from last year and she's got all sorts of old lady attitude.

jen said...

she was SO mean to a guest the other day because the guest didn't tell her a step and martha's project looked bad. it was kind of funny, she wouldn't let it go!