Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy 2012!!!

we celebrated at home this year.  i was pretty tired, so i didn't break out the nice camera.  jack took some pics, and we did some sparklers after drinking sparkling apple cider!  we are looking forward to meeting our new little one in 2012 and wishing everyone a fantastic year!

we celebrated with the east coast at 9 :)

green family cheers!

not so sure.....
trying again
it's bubbly!
we decided we liked it!

jack reminiscing over our 2011 calendar


Leslie said...

do you make a calendar every year?

jen said...

yep! i make them for the grandparents and one for us:), it's fun, but i use pics from the year before, so it's always a little look back. i made one for this year, but i feel bad that the baby isn't in it, so i just did a cheap one for us and i'll scrap something if i have time!