Tuesday, January 17, 2012

rice bag.

with the hopes of helping during labor, and to help with current rib pain, i made a rice bag!  when we were taking our class, our instructor kept mentioning a rice sock (a sock filled with rice - gross) that could be microwaved for those that liked warmth as a relaxation or pain management technique.  i didn't want to carry around (or have lying around) a rice 'sock', so i searched around the www a little and found this tutorial.  not that i really needed a tutorial, but i wanted one!

i made one version, but didn't add any 'smelly' stuff to it and it smelled like rice that had been microwaved.  i used it though, and it helped a lot!  i decided to make another that smelled good!  so that i wasn't disgusted while in labor - i added a lavender dryer pouch from trader joes with the rice.  it's practical and cute :).   it even has an inner bag with the rice and stuff that can be thrown away when it starts to not smell or smell like old rice!

inside bag


Amanda said...

So cute! Even after the babe arrives i bet this will come in handy for when you have an achy neck. Thinking of you this week!

courtney said...

of course you made a cute outfit for it! love it. i totally think you'd get some interest on etsy for your lavender D day bags... so much better than a pantry smelling rice sock. cause that's what we all during labor. the smell of dry rice.