Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas morning!

when jack woke up, he came straight to our bedroom, like every other morning.  after about 15 minutes of cuddling, he asked if we thought santa came yet.  we said we should go see - he bolted up and i raced in front of  him down the hall.  when he saw the presents he got this super cute nervous-giggle-laugh thing - i'm hoping to upload it soon to share (it was hilarious and adorable!).  we enjoyed the morning with our toys and later when to my parents' house for christmas with the fam (post later!).

santa's handiwork

'trains and people and trees?!?!  a CITY?!?'

'a big boy bike!'

'ah, haha, CARS TWO!!!!'

the reindeer never forget the doggies

first star wars toys!!!!

trying out his new bike (in the house, of course!)

i surprised pete with a 50" plasma TV this christmas... here he is opening a super light picture of the gift:

so confused.
it was a great surprise.  i cried.

jack wrote out his cards, with gran's help
the little man shopped for us again this year:

a scarf, nail polish, and gloves for mommy

a frisbee, golf putting thing, and football for daddy

mommy and daddy got him a cars 2 set of shake-n-gos, some books, and a light saber.

this present's tag said, 'to: lion, love, big bro'

this was a present for the baby, 'lion' as jack calls it.  the cutest little lion head blanket toy ever!  next year will be twice as fun!!!


Leslie said...

think about christmas two or three or FOUR years from now! you'll NEVER make it down the hallway before them. :)

jen said...

dude. i'll have to sleep on the couch. maybe have some cookies with santa.