Friday, January 20, 2012


hey, y'all!  there's still a baby inside me!!!  went to the dr today and there's nothing brewing....  we have a non-sress-test and another 'check' on monday {which happens to be MY birthday!!}.  guess baby greenbean 2.0 is totally into fashion, since he/she is planning on being really late :).

in the meantime, i've:

  • yelled at my neighbors. {fence junk, it's all ok now}
  • cried about a million times.
  • grew out of some of my maternity clothes!
  • walked around looking for something to organize.
  • lounged with jack.
  • cried some more.

i'm a bit of a basket-case, probably because i'm hurting and am beyond anxious/excited, and just really, really looking forward to meeting this little one!  i feel really 'with-it' today, which is really nice.  except i cried at lunch, so maybe i'm not all that together...

now i'm making jack a 'big bro' shirt!  he wanted to sign his christmas present to 'lion' as 'big bro' instead of big brother, or big brother jack.  SO, i'm making him a shirt - guess a late baby makes for more craft projects, right?  {bright.side}
all done, jack LOVES it!!!

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courtney said...

i'm so sorry you're playing the waiting game and are hurting and are crying. although i think the crying is a good thing - let it all out, there's no point in keeping it inside. s/he'll be here any day now... you're doing great.