Wednesday, November 30, 2011

our watch dog.

most people think of this when they think of a watch dog:
i will EAT you.
 buuuuuuut, we've got this:
"back it up, girlfriend, we don't do cats, squirrels, humans, or other dogs here.
mmmm, kay?  thaaaaank yoooooooou." -bailey
bailey (aka Ooooodle the Pooooodle) takes her job very seriously.  so seriously, i'm thinking of a way to block out the lower windows in the front of our house so she can't see the intruders (mainly cats, but she'll also bark at ANY person or dog walking by).  and then we have this one:
"what is that DOG doing?!?!  give it up, bailey!" - pepper
she thinks she's human.
pepper and bailey (despite the barking) are the very best dogs!  they are the sweetest dogs, cuddling with us and protecting us.  they deal with jack chasing them or trying to ride them.  as annoying as the security alerts are at times, we absolutely love these four-legged kids!


Leslie said...

woah....good idea with blocking those windows! would that help with new baby's naptime?

jen said...

i know, right, les? i can't believe it's taken me this long to think that might work for naptimes?!?! now just to figure out how to do it... in a cute way...