Friday, November 25, 2011

office/craft room/guest room to-do list!

and the much anticipated (tara, les) to-do list!!!!

1.  clean/organize
2.  rearrange furniture/remove 'roll-top' desk
3.  paint cabinets - add elements
4.  move craft stuff into room from baby's room
5.  organize craft for easy access
6.  move bed into space

woo-weee.  this was quite the project!

the cleaning and organizing was chaos.  luckily, i had the energy and wherewithal to get all the stuff out of there and off the shelves before my mom had time to volunteer her painting services (i wish i had before pics with our stuff in the office, but i only have before we bought the place - end of post).  if i hadn't, i would've been out of luck as my energy disappeared and laura's baby was born (YAY!) so mom had a very short window to help paint it all!
desk's new home
it's by the entry + dining room so it now holds all our table linens!
i took some mid-paint pictures, but i have no idea what camera i used or where they ended up.  regardless, it wasn't pretty.  these dingy old things took one coat of primer and four (yes, FOUR) coats of paint.  it was even the paint with the primer and is designed for cabinets.  (load of bull, if you ask me... or my mom!)
craft stuff in all sorts of containers
organized and out of baby's room - check!
the bottom shelves hold 'in-progress' projects.
mom painted all the cabinet parts.  my plan was to keep the shelving brown, then add a variety of scrapbook paper to the edges.  i really wanted this space to be different than the common living area of our house - i can't seem to break out of my tan walls with brick red/brown/whatever the season is accents.  this room is more girly and more fun!
up-close of paper, i used mod-podge to adhere and seal
i also added a variety of pulls for the lower cabinets.
i picked them up at cost plus and each one is different.
this shows a bit of the variety.
guest bed moved into room
the colors are wild and pull in most others in the room
the tie-in piece :)

there's another wall next to the door - far left of above picture.  on that wall is the desk.  it's ugly right now, when i have it decorated, i'll post an update.  and i have to post a pic of the light, it's SO fun.  i just couldn't wait any longer for this portion.  for some reason, if i don't blog the completion, it's like i can't quite take it off the list!!


tricia said...

I LOVE IT!!! i am going to hire you to come to dallas and decorate my new place...i am so lost when it comes to home decorating or anything of the sort!

devon lorraine ... said...

so incredibly impressed!

Leslie said...

it looks FANTASTIC!!

jen said...

thanks, ladies!!

@trish - YES! send me pics when you get it all set. btw, thanks for adding me as a contributor to your 'loft' do i pin to it?!?!

@dev, thanks so much!!

@les, can you see yourself here in february? it's nice here in february....

info said...

It looks so good!! Can't wait to sleep in it!