Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving. updated with dinner snapshots.

today we're giving thanks.  we are so very thankful for our health, family, friends, pets, home, jobs, everything.  a very blessed family!  our sincerest wishes to all for a wonderful thanksgiving!

a special thanks for this little turkey.
and the one in my oven.
and now onto the turkey in the other oven:
not to toot our own horns, but our turkey gets better every year!
pete probably did 75% of the cooking, it's tough to be this preggo and cook all day!
he did an amazing job!!
our very simple table
i left the decor for the other parts of the house
and again, was too tired.
this is an area pete doesn't shine in, ya know?
this is my fav.
jack grabbed a leg (before we'd even really started dinner)
and CHOWED down!
he ate his leg and a see's candies turkey.
{give me a break, it's thanksgiving!}

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Mahsa Golchin said...

We are thankful to be in your lives. Happy thanksgiving to the Green family! This time next year we will be seeing pictures of the newest Green family member! Love you guys! The golchin family