Wednesday, November 30, 2011

spending some time with baby dino.

our nephew/jack's cousin baby dino (real name anthony!), is so stinkin' cute!!  we spent a few hours yesterday holding, rocking, and staring at him - you know how you do that to a little one?  just in awe of laura and eric's little man!

jack is the BEST big cousin.  i'm pretty sure he's going to be the VERY BEST big bro.  he was so gentle and cuddly and interested -- he kissed, held, talked to, and pet baby dino.  i can't wait for our baby to get here - only 6 1/2 weeks!!!!

here are some pics from our morning - though you know there would've been more if i wasn't hogging all the holding :)!

jack was very proud of himself.  except the next picture i tried to take, he asked me to please leave them alone.  i guess the boys are already plotting some crazy boy antics :).  i think we're heading to see santa tomorrow - so, so fun!!

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