Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy 1st of december!

we have a LOT of advent-y stuff going on this year (three traditional candy-window ones, the tree on our mantel, a jar filled with activities, and an elf on the shelf!).  more about our daily happenings as the month goes on, for now, a little holiday decor (inside):
jack and i made these glittery branches in the vase.
it was so fun!  via.
he also helped with the waterless sno-globe!  via
he glittered the sign (behind all the chaos), 'merry & bright'
our dinning room is glittery red + gold
(with a few specks of green)
i picked up these carolers for $10 last year
and our mantel!
i absolutely love having a mantel!


Leslie said...

gorgeous, dahling!! gorgeous!

devon larkin said...

i love all your holiday gear - and the snowless snow globes are super cute!