Monday, November 14, 2011

neglecting the blog.

i'm kind-of neglecting the blog.  but i've been really busy:

i've been washing and folding about a million (it seems, until the baby gets here and i do wash every day!) of these:
onesies seriously attacking here!
so happy these homemade must-haves are gender neutral!
i've also been washing and folding ANYTHING that's yellow, cream, or mint green.  essentials like this are getting the hand-me-down once-over:
moses basket!  from shower with jack-in-the-belly
i got my hair cut!  see this post for details on the last big cut.  it's not as short, but pretty close!  i've been sick, so no pictures yet, but i hope to not keep y'all waiting too much longer!  i think my hair may have been longer to begin with, too!  wowzers.

we've been working on this project (pic from prior to purchase of home) with the MAJOR help of my mom!  sheila gail primed and painted these dingy old things a nice, bright white.  i did some paper magic and reorganized ALL of my craft stuff.  i can't WAIT to share - it's turning into our guestroom/craft/office, so i want to show you the FINAL product (it really helps tie everything together, too).
could you imagine PACKING all of this?!?!
and in honor of the opposite of procrastination, i've been planning this little man's birthday party!  although we have until february, his birthday is exactly 3 weeks after our due date - and i'm thinking our babe will be late this time around.  with a new baby and a growing little man (we wouldn't want to think we'd neglected), we've decided on taking the party to a 'place' instead of having it at home.  i'm a little sad (i love hosting), but i can still bring all my paper products/banners/etc., so i'm thinking i'll get on that stuff and not have to clean my house (nor have a ton of kid-germs swarming a newborn).  a major bonus?  i can be AHEAD of the curve!!
i can't believe he's going to be FOUR!


Leslie said...

i love that the onsies survived! and i can't wait to see that office makeover.

lauren and brad said...

I know how you feel about the party planning. Ben's is tomorrow (3 weeks before due date) and I tried to ignore it. But when he asked for an easy peasy party I couldn't deny him. What was supposed to be a simple football in the backyard get together, I have turned into a very detailed fun party thanks to my lovely pregnancy craziness. :)

Good for you to be on top of it! :)