Monday, November 7, 2011

i'm an AUNT!!!!!!!!!

laura and eric welcomed their baby boy, anthony john, to the world on sunday, 11.6.11 at 4 o'clock on the dot!  i'm not totally sure of his stats, but i think he was 8lbs 8oz, 20in long.  he is happy and healthy - and such a good baby!  laura and eric are doing well - we are so proud of them all!
the giacobazzi family <3.

don't they look great?!?!
loving his cousin
jack can't wait to share his toys ;).
that's scooby-doo, folks.
aw, look at the little man!!
today jack, gran, and i visited with some lunch (hospital food only goes so far when you aren't sleeping much and just went through daaaaaysss of labor).  we had an awesome time meeting the little man.  jack's been planning on 'petting dino's head softly' since he got the concept of a baby coming -- he got his wish, it was adorable!


Jason & Kristin said...

OMG so cute! Congrats Auntie and please do pass onto Laura and Eric Congrats.

info said...

They are such a cute little family! He looks huge for a newborn baby. Can't wait to meet him. Congrats to all!!

Leslie said...

congratulations!! and tara/info's right; he looks mature for a newborn!! not alien like at all!

jen said...

did jack look like an alien? you guys told me he was cute.....

devon lorraine ... said...

i tried posting on fb in response to your announcement, but my message kept failing.

HUGE congratulations to the new family!!! laura looks amazing and little a beautiful boy!