Tuesday, April 2, 2013

gardening - baby steps

i have high hopes of having a flourishing veggie garden, like a few years back.  we've taken a few years off - early pregnancy wasn't leaving me feel up to it and maddy was so little last year - but i'm really excited to work on my green thumb this spring!  i was inspiredthis post for an easter present for grammy and gran, so i started seeds in eggs and in a seed starter.  we are hoping to grow these big enough to transfer outside in a few weeks.  jack picked out organic basil, cherry tomatoes, and carrots.

whether they survive in our garden or are just great to give, they turned out cute and we feel like we had a little success on the gardening front!


Leslie said...

those shriveled things at the end are egg shells?

jen said...

the shriveled things are seed starter pellets. the eggs are the eggs ;)

devon lorraine ... said...

i love that you are starting your own seeds!!!!!!!!!!!1