Friday, April 5, 2013

better ourselves night!

tara and i used to schedule nights in high school (maybe even later, too!) called 'better ourselves nights'.  we'd get a good hair conditioner in our hair (wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel of course), pop in clueless, and paint our nails.  i can defnitely tell you that i wanted a baby girl to do the exact same with.  from baby to adult, a time to chat and do super girly things!

we had a girly night while jack and pete went to baseball practice last week!  we tried on some different outfits, did a little photo shoot, played dolls and painted maddy's toe nails :).  i also brushed her hair and tried to put it in some sort of top ponytail, but she didn't care for that (and she doesn't have enough hair yet!).  it was SO fun!

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