Monday, April 8, 2013

easter fun: gran and grandpa's hunt!

after our easter morning festivities, we headed to gran and grandpa's house to have brunch with rest of the gang.  we dressed up all cute and didn't even take a family picture!  we did get some good ones of the cousins, though, so that's good enough.  they're always the hard ones to photograph anyway, right?

here we are having a blast!  i can't get over the cuteness that is easter, so be ready to be bombarded with photos! wow, cousin pictures will have to wait for another post!

grandpa + candy = happy baby
we made easter presents for everyone!
running to grandpa! up!
bug vacuum investigation
look at this outfit!
 anthony wanted in on the grandpa + candy action too!

loving aunt laura
can't get enough!
 ok, here comes the serious overload.  how cute are little kids with baskets searching for eggs??!?!?!?

taking a break.

 jack had his very own room to hunt eggs in!

 grandpa is always the center of attention with these kiddos:

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